Chapter Eleven: “Tomorrow, tomorrow one like this?”

Today’s recipes revolved around the fact that we bought a rosemary plant on Saturday and needed a way to squeeze it into this week’s lunches…Everyday. The soup we made was Chapter Three’s Sweet (?!) carrot and lentil soup, minus the sugar, with ten more carrots and a large thumb of grated ginger. Somehow these minor tweaks made it infinitely tastier (it could also have had something to do with the potato wedges which were even more popular than our homemade bread. If that were even possible.) Little Keenda, who always eats her lunch without much of a fuss, entirely forgot to ask for “a bowl for mama” as she helped herself to seconds and then thirds, before exclaiming “tomorrow, tomorrow one like this?” We always know a meal is good when it is a hit with the youngest in the room.  So, these potato wedges. Despite there being significantly fewer by the time the tray reached the table, thanks to Ilyas’ continuous “taste testing” throughout the morning, there were plenty to go around and thank goodness there were. For some reason the OH was the busiest we’d ever seen it, with almost 50 people in the main room on their way to or from lessons, using the free wifi or simply dropping by for a hot lunch. There were familiar faces, including a family of eight whose presence never fails to light up the room, and new ones, who we hope were hooked by the soup and wedges.

Success of the soup aside, and the common room still buzzing with visitors, Daisy and Kim spent the late afternoon preparing our lessons in the quiet of the newly doneup ‘Yoga Room’, which we’ve kitted out with fairy lights, spongey floor mats and cushions. Lessons planned, we decided to put the ‘Yoga Room’ to the test with a few sun salutations, however we weren’t alone for long. In burst 15 and 16 year olds Ilyas and Salim, who are normally (more than) full of energy but somehow were immediately drawn in by the calm of the room, removing their shoes and sitting down in the corner. Being teenage boys, their stillness only lasted so long, and our Butterfly pose was soon met with accompanying chicken, werewolf and cat sound effects. Thanks to this unexpected interruption and the fits of laughter it prompted, we left the room ready to face the evening with a new found energy.

Ekklileljubbl potato wedges (served 40, there were LOADS of us)

  • 10 large potatoes
  • A lot of olive oil, like, a whole small jar
  • Also a lot of salt
  • Rosemary*
  • 2 cloves garlic
  1. Wash all (some) of the mud off
  2. Slice into wedges, you know what they look like
  3. Wash again (you only have to do this if you have really muddy potatoes, like we did)
  4. Put on baking trays
  5. Pour on oil, sprinkle with salt, pepper, chopped garlic and a lot of rosemary
  6. Bake in preheated oven (220C) for 1 hour or until crispy

* Ekki, our Rosemary plant, was one of the purchases from our most recent trip to the local farmers’ market. On Saturday morning we were joined by Sabah, Ziad, Om Ziad and Keenda to buy the ingredients for our picnic lunch. We were in safe hands with the two ladies who led us up and down the row of stalls, intent on finding the very best prices.  Ziad and Keenda took turns to proudly order from smiling shopkeepers, chatting away with one in particular. When we told Ziad how impressed we were with his Greek, he tutted and informed us that the man was from Syria!

The best 2,50€ we’ve ever spent: Ekkie the Rosemary plant


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